CIO Magazine: May 15, 2011

How to End an IT Turf War

Sports Authority’s CIO put a stop to finger-pointing and backbiting 

Time to Showcase America’s Tech

The United States needs a big, public technology event to show off our IT innovations.

How to Make Time for Your Professional Development

Larry Bonfante, CIO of the United States Tennis Association, has 3 tips you should know

Few Options Exist for Managing Multiple Mobile Platforms

Logistics company adopts containerization model, but is still searching for all-in-one solution

Can Video Analytics Rev Up Marketing?

Harley-Davidson Canada road tests a video analytics system to better target its marketing to customers in its stores

Numbers You Need to Know: Employees Take Tech to Work

A Forrester survey shows a growing number of employees are using their own apps and devices to do their work more efficiently

IT Value Is Dead. Long Live Business Value.

Business outcomes from technology investments are all that really matter. The CIO’s challenge is finding new ways to prove IT’s worth.

Companies Explore Private Virtual Worlds

Alternatives to Second Life provide security while boosting productivity

Is Your Domain Safe from Seizures for Copyright Infringement?

A group questions the government’s process for shutdowns, but corporate sites are likely protected under safe-harbor provisions

It’s Time for CIOs to Get in the Game

IT-business alignment is no longer the conversation, finds CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson. Today’s top IT executives know it’s all about creating business value.

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