CIO Magazine: May 15, 2011


Why The Motley Fool Chose Enterprise Search Technology to Integrate Content

The Motley Fool uses enterprise search for faster, simpler access to its content. But finding the right tool wasn’t easy.

Joining the Unified Storage Crowd

EMC is catching up as it adapts its product line to support unified storage. Can it maintain its influence?


3 Ways to Get a Bigger Bang for Your IT Buck

Getting the most value from IT investments is an art. Try these three techniques to cajole and nurture end users into exploiting new technologies fully, or change course when the business needs change.

What We’re Reading from the May 15, 2011 Issue of CIO Magazine

Books and blogs on leadership, management and IT

Don't Buy Into the Cloud-Based Call Center--Yet

The fully cloud-enabled call center is a few years off, but that isn't preventing vendors from pitching their "call center in the cloud" solutions. Here's what's really available today and five questions you should ask yourself before...

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