CIO Magazine: June 15, 2011

What CFOs Need to Hear about Cloud Computing and Consumer IT

Cloud computing and consumerization of IT change how you buy and budget for technology. Here’s how to talk about it with the CFO.

How to Tame Negotiation Nerves

Anxiety can lead to unfavorable outcomes at the IT bargaining table. Here are some ways to take the edge off.

The Dawning of the Age of Mobility

Every 15 years, a big technology shift changes IT forever. Mobility will define the next era

Why CIOs Should Hire Interns for IT jobs

When you hire interns to do IT jobs, you’re helping to train the professionals who will become your future workforce. Consider the time and effort worth the investment.

How to Market IT More Effectively Companywide

Tracy Cashman, partner and general manager in the IT division of staffing agency Winter, Wyman, gives tips for communicating IT’s worth to the business


Using Enterprise Data to Fuel New Business Ideas

Well-managed enterprise data can lead to new products, such as a recommendation service from Bundle, a Citi spin-off.

Why CIOs Should Care About Privacy

Customers will judge your company’s competence according to how well you protect their data, says Don Peppers, co-founder of customer relationship advisory firm Peppers & Rogers Group. CIOs are on the front line.

How the Cloud Changes the CIO-CFO Conversation

The shift brings a new way of budgeting, making the CIO a true business partner

Survey: CIOs Are Putting the Cloud First

Traditional IT models are taking a backseat to the cloud when it comes to new technology investments.

What CFOs Care About Besides Your IT Budget

CFOs need to understand more than the costs and financial benefits to adopting cloud and consumer technologies. They’re also on the hook to protect against risk

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