CIO Magazine: June 15, 2011

Collaboration: What’s Your Enterprise Social Networking Style?

Socialtext is pushing integration of social networking technologies with enterprise applications. But CIOs have to decide whether that approach makes sense for their companies.


How Do You Generate Innovative Ideas? Highlight Examples From Your Team

If you want to encourage innovation, try rewarding those who take the initiative to solve problems, no matter how small.

No. 1 Gripe with Outsourcers: Lousy Service

Our exclusive outsourcing survey finds CIOs need to improve vendor management

Starbucks Shares Lessons of Going Mobile

An Android app and the ability to order a drink from a mobile phone are coming soon, an executive from Starbucks said as he shared lessons and tips from his company's experience offering mobile applications.


Google Apps: How We Convinced the C-Suite

Dominion Enterprises CIO Joe Fuller faced the challenge of converting 280 magazine brands to one collaboration suite and persuading execs that the cloud was right. He shares advice, including how he won over skeptics on privacy and...

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