CIO Magazine: July 1, 2011

Know Who Your Customer Is

To grow their businesses, companies need a deeper focus, not a broader reach


Turning an Outsourcer Into a Strategic Partner

How Hallmark Cards transformed an outsourcing relationship from one that just supplied IT support into a partnership that provides strategic advice.

How to Be a Better Leader in a Disaster

From Japan’s triple disaster to tornadoes in the United States, catastrophe can strike anywhere. And when it does, your leadership will matter more than the specifics of your business-continuity plan. CIOs who have been through...

Why Personal Leadership Style Matters When Disaster Strikes

CIOs say helping workers cope is key to recovery

For San Francisco Giants, Dynamic Pricing Software Hits a Home Run

Factors such as starting pitchers and Friday-night fireworks help the San Francisco Giants boost revenue by matching ticket prices to demand


5 Things You Need to Know About Google Chromebooks

The simplicity of cloud computing might be appealing to some users, but connectivity and security are still concerns.

4 Steps to Help Your IT Team When Disaster Strikes

CIOs who have been through disasters share ideas to help employees cope personally and professionally in a catastrophe, so they can help with business recovery.

How AmEx Disciplined Unruly Software Updates

The company is using repeatable processes to roll out software updates more efficiently

What We’re Reading from the July 1, 2011 Issue of CIO Magazine

Books, blogs and research about IT, management and leadership

Why We Chose Exchange Online, Not Google Apps

How did Microsoft win over the City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina for an Office 365 migration? Better license packaging on a bigger ecosystem of apps at an affordable price — an advantage Microsoft can often wield over cloud rival...