CIO Magazine: August 1, 2011

An App For Your Home Decorating Toolbox

PPG Industries' mobile app matches paint colors to homeowners' inspiration


2011 CIO 100: How Three Companies Are Using IT to Rethink Consumer Services

These 2011 CIO 100 winners applied biometrics, iPod Touches and networking technology to revamp how they deliver core services to customers

iPhone Remedies Communication Woes at Texas Children's Hospital

Healthcare professionals are using the popular consumer device to instantly issue status updates and prioritize alerts, enabling better care

H&R Block Shifts from PCs to Virtualized Thin Clients

Tax preparer migrates stores to Wyse machines in an effort to cut costs


2011 CIO 100 Winners: Innovating With IT to Create a Greener Enterprise

A greener enterprise requires new tools for managing critical business processes. Three 2011 CIO 100 winners turned to IT to meet the need.

2011 CIO 100: The Judges

Each of the 300-plus applications for the 2011 CIO 100 Awards was reviewed by two members of our judging panel


2011 CIO 100: 5 Ways to Win At Project Management

Five 2011 CIO 100 winners share management techniques that helped them execute their innovations

2011 CIO 100 Winners: Setting the Pace for Growth With Innovative IT

The 2011 CIO 100 winners show how IT can become an integral and powerful force for executing strategies for business growth.

How We Chose the 2011 CIO 100 Winners

Our method for selecting this year's CIO 100 winners

How Our CIO 100 Award Winners Are Setting the Pace of Innovation

What can companies accomplish when innovation really becomes everyone’s business? The August 1 issue of CIO magazine has the answers.

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