CIO Magazine: September 1, 2011

Spirits Distributor Serves Up Real-Time Business Intelligence

Charmer Sunbelt Group is using SAP’s new in-memory analytics tool to produce real-time data it hopes will speed up operations and lower costs


Five Things CIOs Need to Know about Anonymous

The hacking collective dubbed Anonymous has unleashed its brand of pesky “operations” on companies from Visa to Sony. Here are the top five things you need to know about their antics.

The Secret to Successful Software Innovation Projects

Building your own software seems nuts these days. But these CIOs from NYSE, KKR and Alcoa are doing it anyway. Why? To gain competitive advantage.

How KKR Used Data Mining For Competitive Advantage

Unique business intelligence and analytics systems are a popular choice for DIY projects

Cloud Computing: 4 Tips for Regulatory Compliance

Cloud computing makes it harder for enterprises to be sure they're complying with industry and government regulations. IT and legal experts offer CIOs advice on how to stay in compliance even when their applications reside in the...

CIOs Lack Adequate Cloud Computing Knowledge

Cloud computing adoption is increasing rapidly, but CIOs' ability to structure and manage these deals is not keeping pace, according to a second quarter 2011 survey by KPMG Sourcing Advisory.


How Random House Overcame 3 Common Enterprise Collaboration Obstacles

Enterprise collaboration tools can foster better communication and elicit transparency from business units. Here's how Random House implemented an enterprise collaboration suite, encouraged adoption and is measuring its success.

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