CIO Magazine: September 15, 2011

One CIO Shares the Secrets to Successful IT Transformation

David Banks, the first CIO ever at Cumberland-Gulf, kept asserting the importance of the CIO role while accelerating the company’s IT transformation.

How the Right Tech Plans Can Lead to Better Customer Service

Keep your average customer in mind when developing the products they must interact with, recommends CIO magazine publisher emeritus Gary Beach.

Tips for Taming Rogue IT

If users understand what IT capabilities are already available, they’ll be less likely to want to buy technology themselves

Three Steps to Acing Your Next Presentation to the Board

Expert advice on the things you should always, sometimes and never do when presenting to your executive board

What CIOs Should Do About Rogue IT

CIOs no longer control all of a company’s technology choices. But they still need to manage risk and save rogue users from themselves.

Analysts Advise CIOs and Employees Make Decisions Together

To succeed in the ‘empowered era,’ CIOs need to make sure their technology-delivery model has the right mix of IT and business control

Tablets Take Precedence

As tablets gain a foothold in the enterprise, CIOs are scrambling to create consumer-tech-friendly policies.

What We’re Reading from the Sept. 15, 2011 Issue for CIO Magazine

Books, blogs and research about IT, management and leadership

Three Steps to Combatting Rogue IT

CIOs need to be more yes-oriented when it comes to embracing consumer tech and the tech demands of their internal customers

Is Office 365 Right for Your Enterprise?

With Office 365, Microsoft is staking out its territory in the cloud. But CIOs have to judge whether making the shift is the right strategy for their enterprise.

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