CIO Magazine: November 1, 2011

Learning to Understand IT

CIOs who come from the business have discovered the importance of IT and know how to share that new perspective with peers

Cybersecurity Innovation Works from the Inside Out at SAIC

Under its CIO's leadership, SAIC's cybersecurity firms innovate internally while honing external solutions


Encouraging Users to Embrace Big Business Data

How CIOs are bringing non-IT staff into the information worker’s world

How Pfizer’s CIO Led a Transformation of the Business

Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson discusses CIO magazine's Nov. 1 cover story about how pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is using IT to drive new business.

The Secret to Forging Valuable Partnerships

The CIOs of Kaiser Permanente and Procter & Gamble know a thing or two about the value of true strategic partnerships and how to build them.

Forrester Survey Suggests Execs Driving Push for BYOT

According to Forrester’s ‘State of the Workforce’ survey, execs are driving the need for BYOT programs and greater mobility while the younger workforce is still largely tethered to the office.

Pfizer’s Future Depends on IT Transformation

With its business model ailing, this pharmaceutical giant tries a new IT formula, including a loyalty discount card, mobile applications aimed at consumers, and a cloud-based tablet CRM system for physicians


Use Analytics to Create a Greener Business

Investing in better analytics can help you turn environmental compliance costs into sustainability benefits

How CIOs Can Build a Better Brand

Great brands result from robust business models, innovation and IT-enabled competitive advantage


How IT Helps Nissan Beat Chevy in the Electric Car Game

By overhauling its customer experience, Nissan was able to drive sales of its electric hatchback, the Leaf.

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