CIO Magazine: January 1, 2012

Who’s Above Average?

The most business-savvy CIOs tend to report to the CEO, lead a non-IT area, and make more money than average CIOs


How Waste Management’s CIO Turned Trash Into Treasure

Waste Management’s new e-commerce site creates additional revenue streams for the company and gives its IT team sales quotas to fill

CIOs Disconnected From Business Execs

CIOs and their fellow executives have conflicting priorities on cost and competitors, says our 2012 State of the CIO survey

CIOs Are in an Anxious State

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson sees this year’s State of the CIO survey data as depicting mismatched priorities between IT and business leaders

New Year’s Resolutions 2012

IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg shares his top ten resolutions for 2012.

Three Easy Ways to Get Better at the Hard Stuff

Soft skills are important too—especially in hard times, when leaders must be more open and engaged

Adobe Moves Into Tablet and Cloud Markets

Adobe doubles down on providing digital creativity tools to help businesses improve their online presence

Labor Board Says Online Gripes Are Protected

The NLRB rules that businesses can’t fire employees who complain on Facebook and other social media about their working conditions.

It’s Time to Reinvent Reinvention

Transformational projects in corporate America have been based on the wrong science. They need to be managed as people projects.

How to Avoid Future Shock

Too many senior executives get strategic planning wrong because they don’t know how to interpret trends, says consultant Daniel Burrus

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