CIO Magazine: January 1, 2012

Labor Board Says Online Gripes Are Protected

The NLRB rules that businesses can’t fire employees who complain on Facebook and other social media about their working conditions.

It’s Time to Reinvent Reinvention

Transformational projects in corporate America have been based on the wrong science. They need to be managed as people projects.

How to Avoid Future Shock

Too many senior executives get strategic planning wrong because they don’t know how to interpret trends, says consultant Daniel Burrus

Facebook Sets Up New York Engineering Shop

Facebook expands its engineering team to New York City

Walmart's Shopycat Uses Facebook to Recommend Gifts

The Shopycat app is the first from its @WalmartLabs unit focused on social and mobile commerce

London Wires Up for 2012 Olympic Games

Extensive testing is under way to ensure the games go off without a hitch

Exclusive Research Shows CIOs Embrace Consumerization of IT

With BlackBerry and Apple still leading the pack, and tablets and Android rising in the ranks, CIOs surveyed by CIO magazine are widely supporting employee-owned devices

Can Windows Play Well on the iPad?

A new Citrix SDK helps Windows software developers solve a big problem: How to extend desktop apps to the iPad and iPhone in a way that doesn't turn off mobile users.

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