CIO Magazine: February 1, 2012

How to Make IT Irreplaceable

How do you turn captive IT users into loyal customers? Start by asking whether they'd use your IT operation for their next project.

What We're Reading From the Feb. 1, 2012, Issue of CIO Magazine

Books on innovation, leadership and careers chosen by the editorial staff of CIO magazine

Why Pricing Should Be Done on More Than Just Instinct

CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson discusses her take on pricing and the role the CIO needs to play in this business function

Why Big Data Means a Big Year for Hadoop

Companies from IBM to Amazon are turning to Hadoop to manage the surge in data that needs storing. Our CEO Michael Friendenberg says the buzz around Hadoop is no joke.


Five Tips for Dealing with Your CFO

CFOs are increasingly calling the shots, which means CIOs are reporting to them, not the CEO. Do you know how to talk business in a way they'll understand? If you're all about the tech, the answer is no.

Pricing Done Right

Setting prices is a strategic decision that needs C-level attention. Your profits depend on it.


To Push Nook Past Kindle, Barnes & Noble Bets on BI

Book retailer Barnes & Noble adds a massive database and improved business intelligence in hopes that a smarter sales team will drive its ereader past Amazon's Kindle.

New Mission for CIOs: the Art and Science of Pricing

IT leaders need to step up and provide the company with the sophisticated tools needed to make smarter pricing decisions, which lead to greater profits.

Why Patagonia Opts for a Wacky EBay Storefront

Defying expectations of for-profit retailers, Patagonia invests in an eBay partnership that allows customers to resell their used clothing. ROI be damned.