CIO Magazine: March 1, 2012

CIOs Beware: Sometimes Emotions Hijack the Brain

Management consultant Doug Lennick says “morally intelligent” leaders build high-performing, innovative companies

Seniors Get Digital Lifeline to Remote Caregivers

Digital devices in the homes of senior citizens enable distant professionals to access healthcare data that is entered by the client


CIOs Can Be Chief Innovation Officers, Too

Call it “CIO squared.” Companies are tapping savvy execs to handle two complementary roles at the same time: chief information officer and chief innovation officer.

Infor Refreshes Its Lineup for 'Micro-Vertical' Industries

The third-largest ERP vendor takes a stale product line and adds a dose of innovation

Why CIOs Should Get Out More

Facetime with customers can yield real business wins driven by IT. What are you waiting for?

Why Smart CIOs Channel Steve Jobs

While there are many things to question about Jobs' approach to business, you can't argue with his knack for melding tech and design. Is it time to bring back the importance of the user experience?

Time Warner's CIO Talks Hiring for a Social Enterprise

Bill Krivoshick, CIO of Time Warner, was brought on board to provide integrated IT for all of the company's various entertainment brands. CIO columnist Phil Schneidermeyer talks with him about hiring for an eventual social enterprise....

Shadowing Your Customer

ADP fixes confusing software by tracking the customer's every move

How CIOs Can Make Time for Social Media

Social media enthusiast Thom Singer gives busy executives tips for spending their time wisely on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to Find Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Big companies like WellPoint have caught on to the importance of evaluating the disaster-recovery plans of even their smallest suppliers. Does your business-continuity plan cover supply-chain risk? It should.

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