CIO Magazine: March 1, 2012

Using Business Intelligence to Create Better Health Decisions

With IT’s leadership, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is harnessing billions of data points to improve outcomes and freeze costs

How CIOs Can Make Time for Social Media

Social media enthusiast Thom Singer gives busy executives tips for spending their time wisely on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to Find Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Big companies like WellPoint have caught on to the importance of evaluating the disaster-recovery plans of even their smallest suppliers. Does your business-continuity plan cover supply-chain risk? It should.


Pepsi Reveals Secret to Selling More Corn Chips

3D store-simulation technology can predict customer behavior and increase sales. Companies like Pepsi Co. are cashing in.

5 Ways CIOs Benefit From Facetime with Customers

CIOs who get out of the office and talk face-to-face with customers can bring back ideas for new products and better systems.

The Mobile Enterprise: Killing IT's Sacred Cows

CIOs need to break with tradition or risk having IT get outsourced, say modern IT managers. But how do they gain an edge? Don't be a slave to ROI, work with startups, and bring iPads and mobile apps into the enterprise.

Survey: Business Intelligence Back on Top of CIOs Minds

It is joined by mobile and cloud computing as the most important technology priorities for CIOs

EU Seeks to Simplify Cross-Border Data Protection Compliance

Companies will be able to negotiate pan-European agreements with a single authority, rather than country by country as now

Stress Management: Better Living Through Technology

IT professionals at all career levels are facing unprecedented levels of stress in their jobs these days. Here's how one high-flying IT executive uses special technology to manage his response to stress, find an inner calm and make...

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