CIO Magazine: March 1, 2012


Pepsi Reveals Secret to Selling More Corn Chips

3D store-simulation technology can predict customer behavior and increase sales. Companies like Pepsi Co. are cashing in.

5 Ways CIOs Benefit From Facetime with Customers

CIOs who get out of the office and talk face-to-face with customers can bring back ideas for new products and better systems.

The Mobile Enterprise: Killing IT's Sacred Cows

CIOs need to break with tradition or risk having IT get outsourced, say modern IT managers. But how do they gain an edge? Don't be a slave to ROI, work with startups, and bring iPads and mobile apps into the enterprise.

Stress Management: Better Living Through Technology

IT professionals at all career levels are facing unprecedented levels of stress in their jobs these days. Here's how one high-flying IT executive uses special technology to manage his response to stress, find an inner calm and make...

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