CIO Magazine: April 1, 2012

How to Create Digital Products That Customers Love

It's time to go beyond mere usability. Greg Laugero says CIOs should tap the strategic expertise of user-experience (UX) designers to create digital products and services that are fun, easy to use, and deliver all the business value...

CIOs Plan to Increase Cloud Spending

An exclusive survey finds that many CIOs say cloud services are a plus for business continuity and speedy deployment. But they still worry about security.

What Sesame Street Can Teach CIOs About Managing Consumer IT

The CTO from the Sesame Workshop found that getting legal buy-in opened up a slew of new technologies for IT and its customers. Security concerns, like those that lead to insider fraud, are real, but you still need to have the trust...

How CIOs Can Help Facilitate Systems of Engagement

The CEO community is turning to CIOs to help accelerate revenue growth and deepen engagement with customers.


Five Things You Need to Know About Near-Field Communications

Using NFC for payments is quick and easy for consumers, but the technology still faces some major security issues

Getting New Value Out of Social Media

How CIOs are using Facebook, Twitter and more to build customer loyalty -- and even revenue

Steel Buildings Manufacturer Integrates Its Engineering Flow

Facing possible bankruptcy, NCI Building Systems retooled its engineering workflow with IT

CIOs May Be Reluctant to Report Suspicious Activity

A consultant says CIOs may not feel comfortable reporting early signs of fraud

Four Must-Dos for CIOs Networking Online

Executives looking to network online can find opportunities and landmines there in equal number. Executive search professional Kristen Lamoreaux shares her best advice for CIOs.


How One City Used Smartphones to Fix its Streets

The CIO of the City of Cambridge, Mass., developed an iPhone and Android app that citizens can use to report potholes, vandalism and other issues and track that they are being fixed.

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