CIO Magazine: June 1, 2012

Meet the 2012 CIO 100 Award Winners

These 100 companies are being honored for distinguishing themselves by creating business value through the innovative use of IT

Jive Software Faces Slew of Competitors in Field it Pioneered

The pioneer in enterprise social networking is in a fast-growing market that has attracted competitors big and small.

For CIOs, the Games Are Just Beginning

Companies are starting to use the motivational techniques of video games -- such as points, leaderboards and levels -- to create more engaging business applications. It's called "gamification."

CIOs Extend Unified Communications to Mobile Devices

A survey finds that IT leaders are accelerating their plans to invest in unified communications and collaboration technologies. But the systems aren't cheap.

Big Brother's Mining Our Data, Do We Care?

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson considers our June 1 cover story on Equifax's new business strategy, which involves massive amounts of consumer and business data. Gen Y is at the edge of a brand new world devoid of...

CIOs Need a Wakeup Call

Many CIOs think they're more relevant than ever before, but their CEOs often disagree. IDG Enterprise's own CEO is calling for CIOs to figure out how to better include innovation in their job descriptions

Three Steps To Productive Meetings

Meetings are a necessary evil in the business world -- few people like them, but without face-to-face discussion time, problems persist. Minimize the anguish and get the most out of precious time by following this expert's advice.

Skills for the CIO Class of 2015

IT management is changing. Here are some of the types of experience and knowledge that companies will be looking for in their CIOs.

New Value From Commercial Innovation

Aon's eSolutions subsidiary is creating internal benefits with products developed for external customers


Getting More Business Value Out of Vendors

How CIOs are rebooting vendors' mind-sets to get away from the same old outsourcing contracts

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