CIO Magazine: June 1, 2012


How to Make Your Viral Video Go 'Kony2012' Crazy

That Kony2012 viral video achieved historic numbers. But if your CMO is gunning for big-time online marketing campaigns, they need the CIO's help to succeed.

A Secure BYOD Policy at MasterCard? Priceless.

MasterCard Worldwide is a year into its BYOD policy and the program is growing strong while the company keeps a watchful eye on security.

Equifax Eyes Are Watching You--Big Data Means Big Brother

Equifax, the giant credit bureau, is using Big Data to create new analytics products from 800 billion business and consumer records worldwide. Its CIO says, 'We know more about you than you would care for us to know.'

Experian Has Sophisticated Presence on Facebook

Credit bureau engages chatty customers on the top social network, but says it doesn't mine the data for marketing purposes.

Texas Supermarket Stocks Up on IPhones, Mobile Apps

Texas grocery store chain United Supermarkets starts down the iPhone trail with a mobile workforce management app that simplifies communication and keeps shift schedules under control. But this Lone Star chain has only begun circling...

IT Service Providers and Customers Battle Over Data Breaches

IT outsourcing providers and their customers are fighting hard over data security liability limits at the negotiating table, and the issue is going to get more contentious in the cloud.

Dell Powers Red Cross Social Media Command Center

Dell partners with the American Red Cross to furnish it with technology dedicated to monitoring social media activity to improve emergency response and disaster recovery operations.

Android On Call: Hospital Builds Custom Mobile App for Patient Data

Palomar Pomerado Health in San Diego built its own Android app for accessing real-time patient information, with Cisco Cius tablets providing the added bonus of voice and video. And an iOS version is coming up, stat.

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