CIO Magazine: June 15, 2012

Three Quick Tips for Presenting to the Board

There's a right way and a wrong way to convey important information to your fellow executives. Our expert offers three things to keep in mind.


5 Things CIOs Need to Know About Privacy Policy

Technology and government policies and regulations are constantly in flux. Here are 5 tips to help CIOs stay in compliance and avoid getting into hot water with the FTC like MySpace did.

How to Tell If IT and Markerting Have a Good Relationship

Here are four signs of a successful CIO-CMO partnership

How CIOs Can Help Build IT Talent for the Future

Many in the US are concerned about the talent gap between American students and similarly-aged students overseas when it comes to math and science skills. This is a real problem for our economy and security. But CIOs can help by...

Can We Get A CIO-CMO Do-Over?

CIO magazine's editor in chief discusses our June 15 cover story on the CIO-CMO relationship and why, despite the potential for animosity, there is a big benefit in learning to get along.

CIOs Are Critical to Improving Customer Experience

Forrester vice president Kyle McNabb advises CIOs to take a central role in improving customer experience and outlines what it takes to reclaim that role.

Why Marketing Turns to Rogue IT

Hint: They want it done fast, and vendors are knocking on their door. Help them resist the temptations.

6 Ways CIOs Can Make Peace with CMOs

There's a natural tension between IT and marketing. But these days the CIO and CMO need to collaborate and focus on what's best for the customer.

Aetna Dumps Its Siloed Enterprise Architecture for SOA

Aetna overcomes business hurdles to revamp its enterprise architecture

Boeing Adopts Sci-Fi Data Manipulation Model

Boeing's defense business wanted to interact with battle simulations using the same sort of gestures Tom Cruise used in the movie "Minority Report." Now sci-fi has come to life.

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