CIO Magazine: August 1, 2012


5 Things You Need to Know About Social Analytics

It's a big business that's matured a lot in recent years. Is your company doing as much as it can to take advantage of new data streams?


Creating New Corporate Value

How CIOs are optimizing their infrastructure to meet changing business needs

Finding the Talent Your Business Needs

How CIOs are meeting the challenge of a small high-tech pool by making the most of the teams they have

3 Steps to Creating an Innovation-Friendly Workplace

Frank Wander, founder of the IT Excellence Institute and a former Fortune 250 CIO, shares his best practices for fostering innovation among your IT ranks

Top CIOs Are 'Chief Integration Officers'

It’s time to capitalize on the power of connecting organizational silos and stakeholders, says columnist Jack Bergstrand. He offers three steps to get there.

Viacom Feeds Your SpongeBob Fix on Any Device

These days people expect the latest episodes of Jersey Shore and The Daily Show anytime, anywhere and on any device. Companies like Viacom are centralizing and digitizing their content to keep up.

10 Signs Your IT Outsourcing Provider Wants to Dump You

IT service providers and their customers have gotten better at building arrangements likely to work for both parties over the long haul, but sometimes relationships fall apart. Here are 10 ways to know your outsourcing provider wants...

How CIOs Can Get More From the Cloud

Enterprise IT leaders are increasingly embracing cloud services. In order for these services to be successful, however, business and IT need to communicate and collaborate. Forrester Research's James Staten explains how CIOs can make...

Is Your Cloud Provider Exposing Remnants of Your Data?

Security researchers report that incorrectly configured hypervisors can lead to a separation of data issue in multi-tenant environments that can expose data remnants. However, you can prevent hosting your data on 'dirty disks.'

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