CIO Magazine: September 1, 2012

How to Measure the Cultural DNA of Your Company

When Yahoo appointed Marissa Mayer as CEO, it wasn't her gender or pregnancy that made it relevant, it was her product expertise. What does your CEO bring to the table and how should IT support that goal? If you don't know, you should....

How VMware Plans to Conquer More of the Data Center

VMware, the leader in server virtualization, seeks to virtualize other aspects of the corporate data center, but faces several obstacles and competitors.

Measuring CIO Performance: The Rise and Fall of Compensation

CIO compensation may be based on whether the company hits its goals for return on assets or other financial metrics. Here's a look at what goes into the equation.

Why Some CIOs Earn the Big Bucks

CIOs can earn bigtime bonuses when their businesses meet financial goals. CIO magazine's editor in chief Maryfran Johnson weighs in on our exclusive research into CIO pay.


What Would the Next CIO Do? How to Preempt Your Successor

A CIO describes how he works on solving IT and relationship problems now -- while he can still get the glory -- instead of handing them off to his successor.

CIO Pay Tied to Overall Business Success

Our exclusive research reveals how much top-tier CIOs' compensation rises and falls with their companies' fortunes.


How IT Outsourcing May Unearth the Mine of the Future

A team of IT service providers helped mining company Rio Tinto push new ideas into adoption and improve the mine of the future.

Desktop Virtualization Cuts Costs and Improves Social Services

Gary Bateman, CIO of Iowa Workforce Development, was able to turn a budget desktop virtualization project into a hugely successful expansion of state services for the unemployed--and he lowered operating costs to boot.

TD Bank Gets Social, Cashes In on IT-Business Teamwork

A smooth and efficient business-IT partnership was imperative to TD Bank's successful enterprise social network deployment. Here's how they worked together to bring collaboration to more than 65,000 users.


How Businesses Can Get Consumers to Share Their Data

Consumers are increasingly aware of the value of their personal data to companies. But they're also willing to share so long as the information isn't too personal and they get something of value in exchange.