CIO Magazine: October 1, 2012

Start Recruiting IT Talent Now

To lure top tech students into the enterprise, CIOs must sell youth on the idea that Silicon Valley isn't the only place where IT is fun.

How CIOs Can Deliver Value Beyond Technology

How one CIO is picking up business leadership skills to create new value.


Big Value from Big Data

How CIOs are expanding the benefits that business intelligence can bring the enterprise.

Big Data Projects Lack Big Budgets

Most CIOs say big data technologies will become mainstream in three years, but they struggle to get funding and to find the data scientists they need


Campbell's IT Team's Secret Mission to Sell More Soup

Sure, soup is good food, but sales ain't what they used to be. To freshen up its product line and serve up innovative new products ASAP, Campbell's IT is building new systems for improved collaboration.


How CIOs Can Learn to Think Like Entrepreneurs

To be an entrepreneurial CIO, you’ll need to experiment and think about your business in new ways. For example, have you thought about exploiting big data to offer an information service?

CIOs Should Get to Know Their Chief Legal Officers

CIOs and chief legal officers need to communicate early and often to build a deeper relationship. Discussion topics include data privacy, e-discovery and policies for mobile devices.

How UC Drove Sales, Rescued Customers From Voicemail Hell

EMSL discovered how un-unified it seemed to its customers when a UC project that forwarded calls to employees' mobile devices proved the secret to winning back business.

Dell Is Changing its Stripes

Dell has been on an acquisition spree. Can it transform itself from a hardware maker into a full-fledged software vendor, too?

Hey CIOs! Show Your CMO the Love

The CIO-CMO relationship gap still persists, and IDG Enterprise's CEO Michael Friedenberg reiterates why a closer partnership is critical to both execs as well as the business.

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