CIO Magazine: October 15, 2012

Why Some CIOs Have More Staying Power Than Others

Some CIOs outlast the typical five-year tenure by avoiding classic blunders, winning the CEO’s confidence and enjoying a dash of good luck.

CIOs Feel Ripple Effect of Chief Customer Officers

The new C-level executive in charge of 'customer experience' will have a profound effect on application development for all channels.

Why CIOs Should Reconsider BYOD

CIO magazine publisher emeritus Gary Beach sees reasons that a popular BYOD policy will be unsustainable for companies. Some IT execs are already switching to providing company-provided consumer devices. Will you be next?

What It Takes to Improve CIO Tenure

CIOs, with their 5-year average tenure, are on the low end of the spectrum when compared to the longevity of their colleagues in the C-suite. CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson looks at why that is and how CIOs can last...

CIOs and CSOs Have a Costly Disconnect

Companies stand to lose millions when CIO-CSO priorities aren’t in sync, according to this year’s Global Information Security Survey, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and CSO magazine.

5 Things You Need to Know About Risk Management

Risk is everywhere and if you're just trying to minimize it within IT, you're taking an additional risk. Follow these tips and learn how to take an intelligent approach to risk management.

CIOs Look Ahead: Millennials, Consumer Tech and the Future

The newest wave of workers, known as Millennials, are demanding technology freedom and a blurring of the work-life line through social media and personal mobile devices. Here's how CIOs can give Millennials what they want without...

Office 365 Earns High Marks in Education, Struggles in Enterprise

Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite is getting impressive grades with educational customers in its first year, but the software-as-a-service offering is struggling to gain traction with enterprise customers.

HBO's CIO Airs Strategies for IT Success and Developing Next-Gen IT Leaders

HBO CIO Michael Gabriel explains why it's imperative for CIOs to understand how their businesses and customers are changing. He also explains why professional development is critical to IT success and shares his views on how business,...

Big Data Problem Plagues Government Agencies

Government agencies are collecting vast amounts of data, but they're struggling just to store it, let alone analyze it to improve efficiency, accuracy and forecasts.

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