CIO Magazine: November 1, 2012

CIOs Must Face the Talent Challenge

The IT talent wars are intensifying. IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg identifes several approaches that CIOs are using to attract and nurture top talent.

What IT Leaders Can Learn From Hostage Negotiators

A leadership expert and former hostage negotiator says that business leaders who show that they care about employees will create a safe haven that fosters productivity and creativity


Augmented Reality and iPads Help Customers Visualize In-home Installation

An HVAC company is using iPads to show an image of what its heating and cooling unit will look like once installed in the consumer's home

Can Citrix Make Any Windows App or Desktop a Cloud Service?

Project Avalon promises cloud-based Windows clients and a unified management interface. But there are licensing and security concerns to overcome.

Omnichannel Retail Brings Together Online and Offline Shopping

CIOs are merging online and offline retail to retain customers and reclaim the shopping experience. It's a strategy called 'omnichannel retail'--but it's a long and expensive journey.

How Starbucks Brews Its Mobile Strategy

The coffee retailer's chief digital officer describes how he focuses first on the customer experence before making any technology decisions


CIOs Must Exploit Smartphones, Tablets and Cloud Services

IT departments were slow to adopt the PC. Adam Hartung says CIOs need to learn from that mistake and be bold about adopting cloud services and mobile computing.

Retail CIOs Need to Step Up Their Game

To win in the new world of omnichannel retail, CIOs will need to focus on the customer experience and collaborate in the C-suite

Offline-Online Convergence Is Shaking Up the Retail Sector

CIOs are at the center of the 'omnichannel retail' revolution, where the customer expects the same great shopping experience whether the venue is a store, website, smartphone or tablet, says CIO Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson.

Free Mobile Apps Put Your BYOD Strategies at Risk

When it comes to the BYOD trend, CIOs worry over their lack of control of mobile apps. However, it's not only about rogue mobile apps packing malware that trouble them. IT leaders are also concerned by the risks posed by malware-free...