CIO Magazine: November 15, 2012


Avis Installs a Smarter Voice-Response System

The rental-car company rolls out a voice-response system with tailored menus that anticipate what the customer will want to do next

Boards Want to Learn About Emerging IT Issues

Directors admit they aren’t adequately engaged in topics such as social media and IT-enabled business innovation


How One CIO Learned That Efficiency Isn't Enough

A banking CIO works with the CMO and discovers that complex financial transactions can be quite emotional for the customer. Good technology can help build trust and improve the customer experience.


5 Things You Need to Know About Smart Cities

IT applications such as smartphone apps and cloud-based infrastructure management can be powerful tools for improving the quality of life in urban settings.

CIOs Say Corporate Directors Are Clueless About IT

Our exclusive research shows that boards of directors still don't understand the role that IT can play in driving business innovation. It's the CIO's job to change that.

IT Services Get Closer to Home

IT chiefs find that domestic outsourcing (as opposed to offshoring) is becoming more attractive as it delivers advantages such as agility, speed and innovation

CIOs: You Can Rescue Your Board

Members of the board of directors are dangerously undereducated about IT, says Maryfran Johnson. We have advice on how to fix that (in ways that will resonate with the directors and not scare them off).

CIOs Give Vendors Low Marks on Partnership

A new index from the CIO Executive Council rates IT suppliers on 20 characteristics of truly strategic partners

Are CIOs Losing Control of Tech Spending?

Gary Beach cites research showing that a lot of corporate spending for technology (like robotics and embedded chips) is outside the CIO's purview. CIOs need to step up and become "chief digitization officers."

3 Tips to Protect Your Online Reputation (and Your Career)

A career coach provides tips on making the best impression in online settings, such as an 80-20 rule for mixing professional and personal tweets

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