CIO Magazine: January 1, 2013

More CIOs Are Gaining Stature As Business Strategists

CIOs are earning business credibility, sharpening customer focus and raising IT’s strategic profile, according to our 2013 State of the CIO survey.

CIOs Getting Better at People Skills

Our annual checkup on the state of the CIO shows improvement in the leadership skills required to achieve great things for business peers and external customers, says Maryfran Johnson

6 Steps IT Can Take to Bring Business Into Tablet Decisions

The IT department should stop dominating the decision-making process for tablet projects, Forrester analysts say.

How IT Pros Can Improve Their Interpersonal Skills

IT professionals can improve their ability to communicate with business colleagues by participating in interdepartmental meetings, moving into business units and joining Toastmasters.


3 Ways the CTO Job is Evolving

Three companies are redefining the role of the chief technology officer.


Mobile App Helps the Harried Sales Rep

Siri has a cousin: Sophia is a voice-recognition app that helps on-the-go sales representatives handle recordkeeping chores.

How a Homegrown Mobile System Helps Police Bust Gang Members

A local police force built a mobile-data system to quickly access the records officers need to make arrests.


Mobile App Puts House-Hunting Data in the Palm of Your Hand

An innovative mobile app provides accurate, timely data for homebuyers and real-estate agents

How to Create Collaborative IT Leaders

How First Data is identifying, mentoring and leveraging IT staff who focus on teamwork and corporate goals.


CIOs Need to Learn New Ways of Thinking

In 2013, IT leaders should tap into the latest research about business transformation, collaboration and innovation, say columnists Madeline Weiss and June Drewry.

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