CIO Magazine: January 1, 2013

Breaking Through the CIO Paradox

The final CIO Paradox column examines three of the biggest contradictions that leaders in the CIO role face.

10 Resolutions for CIOs to Kick-Start the New Year

Michael Friedenberg shares his top 10 resolutions for CIOs, including losing weight (the legacy IT kind) and lowering your handicap (professional weaknesses).

IT Robots May Mean the End of Offshore Outsourcing

Robotic automation and autonomic systems--such as those that enable nonengineers to create software or intelligently manage IT infrastructure--could be an offshore-outsourcing killer.


Social Networks Drive IT Purchasing Process

A study by Forrester Research and LinkedIn finds that IT decision makers are turning to social networks for information during all phases of the purchasing process. Here's a look at the findings (including an infographic on the impact...

Lack of Abuse Detection Allows Cloud Computing Instances to Be Used Like Botnets, Study Says

Some cloud providers don't detect attacks launched from their networks, researchers say

Cloud Services Continue to Shake Up IT Outsourcing Industry

Growth in business-provisioned cloud contracts, particularly in HR, could outpace traditional IT outsourcing, rattling traditional IT service providers.

How to Hire a Social Media Specialist

As more businesses rely on Facebook and Twitter for marketing, social media jobs are booming. But given how new it is, how can you be sure you're hiring the right people? Here's a look at the social media specialist role and what you...

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