CIO Magazine: April 1, 2013

How to Bounce Back From a Job Disaster

An executive coach provides three tips for recovering from from an adverse, unexpected job change.

Workday Focuses on Its Post-IPO Future

Workday’s HR software-as-a-service tool wins praise for ease-of-use, but it remains to be seen whether the company's financial module will be adopted as quickly

Does Technology Makes Us Smarter Or Dumber?

IDG Enterprise CEO Mike Friedenberg ponders a bleak future where self-driving cars, smart appliances and drone technology leave humans without much to do--except get fat and push buttons.

Fast-Food CIOs Are Fast Learners

This $707 billion global industry is building more intimate customer relationships by pushing the IT envelope on technologies like real-time data analysis, inventory-tracking sensors and mobile payments


Airport's CIO Turns to Mobile App Helps Harried Travelers

Dallas-Fort Worth airport’s smartphone app makes it easier for customers to find their gate, food and a parking place


Great CIOs Are Politically Savvy

Despite all our objective metrics, executing a business strategy requires a personal touch, says Brand Velocity's Jack Bergstrand

How a CIO at ING Japan Transformed Its IT Operation

The CIO at ING Insurance in Japan explains how he provided a new vision and framework for improving the reputation and effectiveness of the IT department

Why Diversity Matters in IT Hiring

Building a network of diverse IT talent--people who will be ready for your next job opening--is a year-round task with a big payoff, says a former divisional CIO at GE

How Play at Work Can Lead to IT Innovation

All work and no play does more than make Jack a dull boy. It can stifle creativity. A playful office helps corporate problem-solving and sparks innovation.

Healthcare CEO Expects IT to Keep Firm Ahead of the Curve

For Craig Smith, of Owens and Minor, IT is essential to employee collaboration, innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in a fast-changing industry. 

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