CIO Magazine: May 1, 2013

CIOs Struggle with the Great Talent Hunt

Finding IT pros with business skills has always been a bear. So award-winning CIOs are taking radical steps to train, recruit or grow the hybrid staff they covet. (Plus: Meet the new members of the CIO Hall of Fame and the Ones to...

Chasing Unicorns: How to Find 'Blended' IT-Business Pros

Maryfran Johnson says the answer is to grow your own hybrid players, who have the rare combination of technical smarts, great communication skills and strategic thinking


5 Reasons to Build an Enterprise Mobile App Store

IT departments can keep employees from using malware-infested mobile apps by creating an internal store of company-approved apps. The store can also collect feedback from users about their preferences.

3 Tips to Help CIOs Adjust to a New CEO

An executive adviser urges CIOs not to be passive in developing a relationship with the new CEO. Speak up about opportunities for business growth and communicate the business impact of the IT function.

How IT Innovation Helps International Speedway Engage Racing Fans

The chief marketing officer at International Speedway offers insights into how innovative technology can improve the guest experience.

eBay's CIO Focuses on Employee and Customer Engagement

Winning the hearts and minds of employees is the first step towards developing the innovations that will meet customers' changing needs, says CIO Scott Seese.


CIOs Must Manage the Risk of the Status Quo

One of a CIO’s greatest risks is not moving fast enough, says columnist Adam Hartung. To avoid out-of-date thinking, ask futuristic questions like "What if in five years smartphones and tablets totally replace laptops?“

CIO Takes the Less-Traveled Path to IT Career Success

This divisional CIO got his promotion after a stint in the IT infrastructure group -- a stint that some would view as career suicide, but he viewed as valuable experience

Why CIOs Should Invest in Happy Customers

It's time for CIOs to find out which communication technologies customers prefer, and give customer-service reps the data they need to answer questions, says a Forrester analyst.

Ramp Up Your IT Leadership Quotient

Advice for aspiring CIOs: Sharpening your communications skills and raising your industry presence will put you on the path to a CIO job.

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