CIO Magazine: July 1, 2013

Walgreens Opens Up to External Mobile Apps

The drugstore chain builds an open API layer that lets mobile app developers connect to its corporate systems.

IT Service Management Tools Help Airline Fix Glitches Faster

Mapping technologies to key business processes helps IT group prioritize fixes when problems occur.

Do Your IT Job Applicants Have Moral Courage?

IT hiring managers should ask probing questions to discern whether job candidates have the integrity to make unpopular-but-necessary decisions.


Top CIOs Become Business Process Czars

CIOs use their unique position--which allows them to see the broad array of interactions among employees, customers and business partners--
to streamline business processes and make their companies more competitive

How Vail Resorts Uses IT to Profile Skiers

Kirsten Lynch, CMO at Vail Resorts, says her partnership with the CIO leads to better guest experiences.


Build-A-Bear Taps Gaming Tech to Win Over Connected Kids

The retailer is using Microsoft PixelSense, Kinect and a new mobile app to create an interactive experience while making stuffed animals

Enterprise Startups Draw CIO Attention

As venture-capital firms focus more on customer-facing technologies, CIOs are placing bets on emerging enterprise IT players.


3 Ways to Jump-Start IT Innovation

To spark valuable new business ideas, these three CIOs are trying out creative techniques.

How Outdated Tech in the Supply Chain Threatens Your Safety

Headlines scream about tainted food, drug shortages and untraceable guns. Part of the problem is that inadequate technologies and data silos make it tough to trace problems back to their source.

The Dangers of Disconnected Data

CIOs in the food and pharma industries confront unique challenges in untangling complex supply chains to ensure product safety and availability.

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