CIO Magazine: August 1, 2013

Bacardi Focuses IT on Selling More Spirits

The CIO of the largest privately held spirits company in the world stays close to customers and recently deployed an iPad app that explains the rich history of its brands.

CIOs and IT Staff Learn From Unusual Mentoring Program

A pilot program from the Society for Information Management shows the value of taking on a protege from outside your own organization.

Infosys Is Having Its Midlife Crisis

Indian outsourcer Infosys -- in the midst of a major transformation -- struggles to supplement its commodity programming services with high-value business offerings 

IT Hiring Manager Seeks a Perfect Fit

This CIO wants IT employees who are dedicated to the company’s mission of using IT to fight healthcare fraud and waste. 

Mobile Apps Require a CIO Mind Shift

It’s time to get started on smartphone apps that will make employees more productive and customers more loyal, say Forrester Research analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler.

This CEO Relies on IT for Innovation

For ARI CEO Carl Ortell, real-time information delivery is key to strong relationships with customers and employees. 

Text Analytics Can Help Businesses Soothe Upset Callers

An Ernst & Young report says that text analytics and voice-recognition software can help customer-service reps solve problems instead of trying to cross-sell an unhappy caller.

Construction Company Looks to the Cloud for Workforce Scheduling

Ledcor finds that a spreadsheet can't handle the complex 'chess game' of scheduling 800 technicians in the field, so it deploys a cloud-based workforce-management system.

App Developers Need to Pay Attention to Usability

The CIO of the future will need to develop a robust, professional organization devoted to the user experience, according to an expert on usability.

Tech Market Davids vs. Goliaths, Wearables and the Future of IT

CEO Mike Friedenberg ponders the big questions for IT leaders during his summer beach brainstorm.

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