CIO Magazine: August 1, 2013


CIOs Must Help Plug the Talent Gap

CIOs have trouble filling technical positions because of deficiencies in America’s schools. It’s time to get involved, says Gary J. Beach, author of a just-released book on this topic.

3 Tips for Handling the 'Between Jobs' Status

A career coach describes ways to deal with a transition between jobs. Hint: Don't call yourself 'unemployed.'

Top CIOs Embrace the Need for Speed

The business world views CIOs as more tortoise than hare, but it's time to rethink that stereotype. Award-winning CIOs find that speeding up innovation and business processes yields a competitive advantage.

Top CIOs Use IT to Speed Up the Business

This year’s CIO 100 award winners 
understand the need for speed to deliver business agility

Enterprise Social Network Moves Ad Agency Into the Future

Ogilvy and Mather builds its own social collaboration system with open-source tools and many, many user interviews.


How to Foster an IT Youth Movement

These CIOs are engaging the next generation of IT workers with programs that energize, inspire and educate young students about the real world of IT.

Dual-Persona Smartphones Not a BYOD Panacea

Mobile vendors are pushing technologies that split a smartphone into two separate platforms for business and personal data. Problem solved, right? Not so fast. It's still easy for employees to circumvent the two worlds.

Federal CIO Calls for Government-Wide 'IT as a Service'

White House PortfolioStat 2.0 offers updated roadmap for overhaul of federal IT operations, calling for shift to cloud computing, CIO empowerment.


5 Ways to Avoid Mobile App Development Failure

Businesses are moving fast to address the demand for both employee- and customer-facing mobile apps. However, there is a danger in rushing. Here are five ways to avoid pushing out a mobile app too soon.

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