CIO Magazine: September 1, 2013

HR Departments Invaded By Data Scientists

As leading HR departments turn to 'talent analytics' for a wide range of staffing issues, CIOs are at the center of this data-driven transformation


How Analytics Tools Measure a Corporate Turnaround

SAP's HANA database and other tools power an executive dashboard at struggling medical device maker Boston Scientific

Desktop Virtualization Cures Paper Problem for Healthcare Provider

With thin clients and electronic medical records, one healthcare provider keeps more accurate patient records.

How to Get IT and the Business on the Same Team

A management consultant gives three practical tips for building an amiable working relationship between IT and business employees


Connected Cars Race Toward Mobility and the Cloud

Forget fuel efficiency, all-wheel drive and sunroofs. Your next car may connect wirelessly to an array of cloud services, talk to your iPhone, call 911 if you have a medical emergency and even place your coffee order. It's not as...

8 Ways Online Video Can Improve Your Business

From attracting new customers with online marketing to recruiting employees, business owners, managers and video experts discuss how video can benefit your organization.

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