CIO Magazine: October 1, 2013

Mobile App Lets Jewelry Retailer Test In-store Discounts

Alex and Ani, a popular jewelry chain, is testing Swirl, a mobile app that offers discounts to in-store shoppers via geofencing.

How IT Can Produce Better Patient Care

For Dr. Bob Laskowski, president and CEO of Christiana Care Health System, technology means empowering physicians and patients. 


How to Overcome Resistance to Global IT Standardization

There’s inevitable tension between enforcing global IT standardization and allowing flexibility at the local level. Here’s how to find the right balance.

EMC Bets Big on Flash Storage

The vendor gets aggressive about enterprise flash arrays, but faces challenges in the data center

IT Industry Undergoing an Epic Transition

CEO Michael Friedenberg reads the signs of an enterprise tech industry that is unraveling before our eyes. But as one computing era ends, a new one (which IDC calls the third platform) is just beginning.


How CIOs Can Catch the Board's Ear

Telling IT's story to the board of directors requires a business focus, a strong narrative and even a little humor.


Big Data Project Cuts Prescription Costs

Express Scripts analytics portal helps doctors prescribe more cost-effective medicines.

Door Opens for More Female CIOs at Universities

The decline in the percentage of university CIOs who are women may be reversed as more male CIOs retire, a new study says.

CIOs Share How They Made the Leap to CEO

CIOs who won the CEO job talk candidly about the relentless pressure for profits, the ultimate accountability and what they wish they’d known as CIO.

Measuring Social Media ROI Takes Off for Virgin America

The airline, using Sprinklr and other tools, is seeking hard-dollar returns from conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, among other social networks.

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