CIO Magazine: November 1, 2013

This CEO Says: Bring on the Data

David Williams is CEO of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and a self-descibed data wonk. Here he describes his use of data and social media and offers advice to CIOs.

In Search of Next-Gen IT Talent

A new research project could help many CIOs and their HR and training departments better identify, recruit and retain quality IT talent, says publisher Adam Dennison.

How the Introverted CIO Can Survive in an Extroverted World

A lifelong introvert identifies small adjustments introverts can make to strengthen their leadership skills.


Dunkin' Brands Uses Analytics to Predict Global Threats

The coffee-and-doughnuts chain operates in 60 countries, so it uses a threat-assessment tool to keep employees safe during international conflicts.

This C-Suite Recognizes That Failure is Part of Innovation

At Toyota Financial, a close-knit, collaborative group of C-level execs allows for missteps in the company's innovation strategy.


Tablet App Lets Subway Find the Best Sandwich Artists

Subway's tablet apps attract more job candidates and help franchisees streamline the hiring process.

How Toyota Financial Turns Failure Into Innovation

A tightly knit group of execs form a 'C-suite dream team' to take collaboration to new heights at the finance arm of the world’s largest automaker.

CIO at Waste Management Wears Many Hats

Puneet Bhasin is CIO and senior vice president of technology, logistics, customer service and strategic accounts -- a portfolio that keeps him focused on business matters.


Good Governance Is a Make-or-Break Factor for IT

CIOs say that governance rules will ensure that IT initiatives are transparent, efficiently managed and provide maximum business impact.

Stay Alert: Personal and Work Clouds Are Merging

As consumers and employees embrace the ‘digital self,’ CIOs will face new challenges, says Forrester analyst Frank Gillett

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