CIO Magazine: November 1, 2013

How to Find IT Talent Capable of Being Customer-Focused

CIOs need to find the IT workers who are comfortable focusing on customers, market forces and revenue. 

Self-Service IT Catches On

Cloud-based software for the IT help desk turns out to be useful in departments outside of IT, too.


How CIOs Can Become Business Heroes

Columnist Michael Hugos offers clear directions for how CIOs can open the exit door from the techie trap.

How the C-Suite Can Close the Gender Gap

CIOs and other top execs should identify women for the executive talent pipeline, then provide coaching and workplace flexibility, says Elaine Miller, a managing director with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Computer Criminals Continue to Vex IT Groups

As security breaches rise, CIOs and CISOs aren't as good as they think they are at protecting corporate assets.

Demand for Cloud Skills Still Outpaces Supply of Workers

Cloud technology is a 'must-have' for organizations building out or replacing their data center architecture, but there's still a major cloud skills gap that's impeding faster adoption and growth

Big Data Drives City of Buffalo's Operation Clean Sweep

By layering data from 311 and 911 calls over Census data, unemployment data and other poverty indicators, Buffalo uses data analytics to identify its most challenged neighborhoods and more effectively deploy resources for everything...

Healthcare IT Struggles to Keep Up With Mobile Health Demands

Healthcare, like most industries, finds its hard to meet the mobility desires of employees (caregivers) and customers (patients). But while healthcare struggles with unique legal and regulatory impediments that other fields don't...

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