CIO Magazine: December 1, 2013

A CEO's Guide to Setting Goals for 2014

One CEO gains inspiration from quotes by business luminaries such as John Chambers, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Howard Schultz


CTO's Risky Approach Yields an Innovative Mobile Trading App

TradeMonster uses a hybrid HTML5 approach to develop a mobile app that closely resembles the company's Web trading platform.

A CIO Survival Guide to Saying No

One of the toughest leadership challenges for CIOs today is having to refuse business requests for new technology. Here’s how to keep the lines of IT-business communication open while communicating honestly with your fellow executives....


Integrating CRM and Analytics Key to Next-Gen Customer Loyalty Programs

Rather than giving away free stuff, The North Face and Red Robin create customized "experience" rewards for faithful customers

The Care and Feeding of Data Scientists

CIOs must encourage data scientists to solve real business problems, not just play with data.

How Lenovo Plans to Crack the Server Market

Known for its ThinkPad laptops, Lenovo is trying to find its way into the data center, despite the dominance of the Big 3: IBM, HP and Dell

CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No

CIOs may have good reason to reject a proposal or nix a technology request, but an inept or frequent 'no' will get you sidelined.

CIOs and CMOs: Feuding in the C-Suite

Survey finds that CIOs and marketing chiefs don't see eye-to-eye on much at all.


3 CIOs Reveal How They Got Started With Predictive Analytics

Want to succeed with predictive analytics? These CIOs say it takes a lot of front-end data work and angst about cultural change.


Which C-Level Executive Will Be the Big Data Champion?

So far, it isn’t clear which C-level exec will lead the big-data charge. CIOs, if they want a shot at this job, will need to focus on business innovation, not technology.

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