CIO Magazine: January 1, 2014

State of the CIO 2014: The Great Schism

Digital strategist or traditional CIO? Our 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals the great career divide.

Follow the Money: CIOs Have Nothing to Fear From CMOs

CIO’s Publisher Adam Dennison doesn’t buy the notion that CMO budgets for IT will outstrip those of CIOs in the coming years, citing new State of the CIO research to prove it.

Traditional vs. Digital CIOs: Survey Reveals a Growing Divide

CIO magazine’s 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals stark contrasts between traditional CIOs who focus more on internal operations and digital CIOs who expand IT’s influence externally to work directly with customers and...

How to Get Your Documents Under Control

An events-planning business moves from a time-consuming, manual process for creating documents to one that uses HP Relate templates.


3 CIOs Give Thumbs-Up to the Cloud

Cloud-based systems have made these IT organizations more agile, more strategic and better able to hone a competitive edge

CEO Says CIOs Need to Be a Source of Energy and Innovation

Allstate's CEO says the CIO's office is only 20 feet away, so he can easily get thoughts from "one of the architects of our business innovation."

Culture of Innovation Starts With IT

The CIO of Altria, a consumer packaged goods company, says innovation requires a new mind-set in the IT department.

Portfolio Management Isn't Just for IT Anymore

Hallmark Cards and others are applying portfolio management tools to run consumer product development and seeing competitive advantage.


CIOs Should Learn the Two Metrics That Matter

CIOs need to be prepared to explain how their expensive IT project will improve the numbers every CEO cares most about.


5 Things Businesses Should Know About Bitcoin

The digital currency features low transaction costs but is highly volatile and attracting regulatory scrutiny,

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