CIO Magazine: March 1, 2014

3D Printers Could Be a Threat to Copyright Owners -- or an Opportunity

The DIY technology could be a problem for intellectual property owners because of the ease of copying products or designs. But with some creative licensing deals, the technology could also be a marketing opportunity.

How CIOs Unravel IT Systems After a Business Divestiture

With divestitures on the rise, CIOs at Hess, DuPont and other companies that are selling off pieces of the business must rip apart deeply integrated systems.

Bouncing Back From CIO Unemployment

A long job hunt takes a personal and professional toll, even on the most accomplished IT leaders. Here's how to emerge stronger than ever.

Microstrategy Adapts to New BI Realities

The business intelligence software veteran is adapting to the latest analytics trends--and to new rivals. 


How CIOs Prepare for the Worst

Three CIOs discuss how a successful business continuity plan requires prioritization, awareness and testing

Google, Amazon Reveal Their Secrets of Scalability

As large IT systems scale to unforeseen levels of complexity, new laws of effective management come into play

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