CIO Magazine: July 1, 2014


CIOs Will Find That the Most Valuable Data Comes From Outside

Adam Hartung says CIOs are too focused on creating data about internal operations and need to augment that with external data about market conditions.


5 Things CIOs Need to Know About Pinterest

The social bulletin board can produce consumer buzz and website traffic, but needs better analytics for businesses.

CIOs Consider Putting a Price Tag on Data

Figure out the dollar value of your information assets. Then you’ll know what the 'I' in CIO is really worth -- and how much to spend protecting it.

Data Analytics Can Help Fix a Dysfunctional Healthcare System

An insurance executive talks about how IT can help transform healthcare.

CIOs vs. Consumer Tech: How to Win Over Your Users

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison makes the case for CIOs to take advantage of user enthusiasm for new technologies while shoring up security and compliance controls.

Why CIOs Must Own Data Valuation

As more companies look to profit from the their data, CIOs must grow beyond their traditional roles as data stewards, says CIO magazine’s editor in chief.


How to Use Social Media to Recruit IT Talent

Tweet, like, share and post your way to uncovering the best tech job candidates in the shortest time.

Google Battles Amazon for Corporate Clouds

Google says it's in the enterprise cloud market to stay.

How Leading CIOs Deal With Shadow IT

Circumventing IT is easier than ever. These CIOs are minimizing risks while reaping some rewards.


How The Container Store Uses Wearable Tech to Think Outside the Box

The Container Store is piloting a wearable device that it hopes will replace the thousands of walkie talkies it uses for in-store communication. The wearable also lets the company track employees when they're at work, among other...