CIO Magazine: June 1, 2015

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IT departments need a mindset makeover to focus on the customer

CIOs must refocus IT on the external customer experience and find staffers who can handle that customer-facing role, says Maryfran Johnson.

Beyond Moore's Law: Five technologies that will change the future

IDG CEO Mike Friedenberg is watching the tech horizon and sees game-changing technologies in A.I., robotics, quantum computing and more.

Aflac CMO Michael Zuna

How Aflac put claims processing in the fast lane

Aflac, an insurer with $120 billion in assets, can now receive, process and pay most individual claims in just one business day, thanks to streamlined IT systems.

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Automotive retailer drives into the cloud

Asbury Automotive replaces three data centers with 100 percent cloud-based systems -- so IT staffers can spend most of their time working with the business.