CIO Magazine: August 1, 2015

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5 things CIOs need to know about data lakes

A data lake is a massive storage repository, such as Hadoop, that can hold all types of data until it is needed for business analytics or data mining. But it's not a panacea for big-data projects.

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Digital enterprises are getting VERY personal with customers

Many of the CIO 100 award winners for 2015 are personalizing the customer experience, creating one-to-one relationships that deliver competitive advantage.

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Those paper color strips at the paint store are on the way out

PPG's big-screen kiosks let shoppers test more than 2,000 colors by 'painting' virtual rooms.

CIOs are cutting back on the number of 'strategic' vendors they use

Adam Dennison, publisher of CIO magazine, says IT vendors need to learn more about CIO challenges and business goals if they want to achieve the exalted 'strategic partner' status.

CIOs reveal how they get value from vendor partnerships

CIOs and vendors enjoy mutual benefits when they're in step with each other.

Data analytics help food company spot bottlenecks and defects

Berner Food and Beverage deploys predictive analytics to increase operational efficiency and manage product defects.

'Burn the boats' and other career accelerators for CIOs

Want to move from IT strategist to business leader? Be the person who asks killer questions, finds new mentors and takes big risks.

CIOs find that personalization pays off

Many CIO 100 award-winning projects focus on a more personalized customer experience, says Maryfran Johnson. But these innovations also require CIOs to manage issues such as customer privacy, product design, business processes and...

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Data privacy is now a competitive differentiator

How you handle confidential data may spell the difference between consumer loyalty and business disaster, says Forrester analyst Heidi Shey

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