CIO Magazine: October 1, 2015

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breaking free of legacy it

Bold CIOs are breaking free of legacy tech

It's hard to become a nimble, digital disruptor if you're weighed down by systems anchored in the past. Many CIOs are working to escape the grip of outdated IT.

connect mobile

How CIOs are meeting the needs of customers in the 'mobile moment'

Customer journey maps, responsive design and a mobile-first mindset are key elements to a mobile IT strategy.

Finding the courage for career transformations

Adam Dennison admires IT execs who tackle the challenges of moving into dramatically different industries.

At Humana, IT augments the human touch

CIO Brian LeClaire describes how analytics, mobile, social and cloud technologies can improve the consumer experience in healthcare.

Today's CIO is in a great position to be a future CEO

COOs and CFOs do pretty much what they did in the 1980s. But IT chiefs have evolved to become strategic thinkers who can guide their companies to the digital future.

CIOs deal with the 'L word'

Good news: Replacing legacy systems is getting some genuine support from CEOs and business leaders, along with a healthy dose of urgency, says Maryfran Johnson.