CIO Magazine: November 1, 2015

CIOs must look beyond their organizations' borders to create business ecosystems

Business ecosystems are partnerships that require building trust, learning together and capturing value equitably, say columnists Madeline Weiss and June Drewry.


CIO magazine makes the digital leap

Just like its readers, CIO magazine is undertaking its own digital transformation. The Nov. 1, 2015, issue is the last one in print, but the same sorts of content about technology, strategy and leadership will be available at

Our farewell issue of CIO magazine

Maryfran Johnson, editor in chief of CIO magazine, says "our days in print are done," but our events and online offerings will continue to serve the IT leadership community.

Amgen uses algorithms to venture into digital healthcare

Suzanne Blaug, senior vice president of global marketing and commercial development, says she's working with CIO Diana McKenzie to set up a digital healthcare organization that can help physicians better predict how patients will...

When Walgreens uses digital mapping, Rx marks the spot

The Walgreens pharmacy chain uses a geographic information system and demographic data to decide where to open new drugstores.

3 tips to help CIOs deliver poised presentations

Consultant Naomi Karten offers tips to help CIOs deliver presentations that enable them to persuade customers, gain allies and motivate employees.

At Mazda, IT is in the driver's seat

Mazda's IT group generates ideas to improve the customer experience, says Jim DiMarzio, CIO at Mazda North America Operations.

Attention CIOs: Here's how to bond with the CFO

IT project success hinges on financial support from the CFO, so learn the lingo and stay in close touch.