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IT asset management (ITAM): A centralized approach to managing IT systems and assets

Companies rely on a wide range of technology for day-to-day business. A strong ITAM strategy will help you oversee and optimize the full lifecycle of each individual piece.

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Egypt sets its sights on artificial intelligence

From fonYou partnering with a mobile operator in Egypt to use its AI module to reach the unbanked to funding for Widebot’s Arabic language chatbot, signs of interest in artificial intelligence are on the rise in Egypt.

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Is fintech the quick fix for Middle East financial services headaches?

Investment and regulatory support for Middle East financial-technology companies grows, sparking change for financial services enterprises desperate to attract new customers.

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Top 10 BI data visualization tools

Visual analytics is the core of business intelligence. Here are the tools you need to see through the data.

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6 tools that make machine learning easier

Vendors are taking the mystique out of machine learning by offering layers for automating data prep and algorithm choices, opening up AI to motivated, data-smart business users.

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Middle East enterprises take up AI to streamline business processes

In a region where business culture has been heavily reliant on face to face interactions and personal contact for generations, AI solutions are drastically disrupting business processes.

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IDC MarketScape: Evaluating 12 leading enterprise performance management (EPM) vendors

Enterprise Performance Management has emerged as one of the fastest-growing subsets of the big data and analytics market. EPM software measures, analyzes and optimizes financial performance management, planning, forecasting and...

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Israeli HMO Maccabi taps AI, big data for healthcare innovation

The HMO has managed innovation through its health tech arm, big data institute, and partnerships.

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New mantra for Middle East builders: Design, download and print

Three-dimensional printing in the building trade is gaining traction as construction enterprises put the technology to use in real-life projects.

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AI startup's Dubai move marks nascent artificial intelligence market

Drawn by the depth of smart city initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, a hot AI startup from Singapore has expanded its footprint to Dubai.

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AI, machine vision tech focuses on wooing return shoppers for Gul Ahmed

Machine learning, video analysis helps textile giant attract retail store shoppers and convert them to paying customers.

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Here's why Dubai just embraced this DAG blockchain alternative

The Smart Dubai initiative has given a significant vote of confidence to DAG (directed acyclic graph) distributed ledger technology, an emerging alternative -- and potential complement -- to blockchain.

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Banking, manufacturing, retail forecast to fuel Middle East AI adoption

Middle East CIOs are adopting artificial intelligence to revamp customer service, marketing and sales, and more generally to improve overall product quality and efficiency, according to IDC.

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Cornell’s unique CMS/CRM solution unifies the student experience

The Ivy League university knit together Drupal and Salesforce to create a university-wide system of engagement centered on the student experience.

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Why Middle East oil and gas companies are embracing blockchain

Oil and gas players in the Middle East region, which meets nearly a third of the world’s crude requirements, are experimenting with blockchain and they view it as a solution to complex accounting processes, payment issues and sluggish...

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Dubai fosters health-tech innovation for local, global healthcare needs

Nurtured by government-led initiatives, health-tech companies have become a driver of Dubai’s healthcare sector, an important component of the emirate's economy and have helped make the UAE a leader in healthcare startup activity in...

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7 tips for getting out of a bad vendor contract

When a seemingly sweet deal turns sour, it's time to prepare an exit strategy. Here’s how to preserve essential business operations, your vendor relationship and your job.

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RPA is poised for a big business break-out

Robotic process automation is driving efficiency at enterprises such as State Auto, Berry Appleman & Leiden, American Fidelity Assurance and other companies.

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