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Here's why Smart Dubai just embraced this DAG blockchain alternative

In an effort to accelerate Dubai's ambition to base its IT infrastructure on distributed ledger technology by 2021, the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum has signed an agreement with the Fantom Foundation​ to...

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What is a Scrum master? A key role for project success

With agile fast becoming standard practice at most companies, scrum masters are in great demand. Here is a look at the Scrum Master role, relevant certifications, expected salaries and career opportunities.

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Life after artificial intelligence

AI stands to be the most radically transformative technology ever developed by humankind. What hypothetical situations are looming right around the corner as AI technology rises?


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Can private online communities drive corporate cultural change?

“Many of the things that seem impossible now will become realities of tomorrow,” said Walt Disney. We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, able to invent what our imagination dreams up. But it takes communities working together to...

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Brand reputation at risk

While leading in digital transformation, TMT companies are more vulnerable to cyber-threats, research finds.

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The biggest data breaches in the Middle East

Unlike other regions across the globe, where finance data is the main target for cyber attackers, the Middle East is witnessing a surge in political and strategic hacking. Here's a list with some of the most serious breaches from...

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Insourcing, automation spark GE’s IT transformation

GE’s bold move to insource IT support and automate IT workflows has paid off in cost efficiencies and a vastly improved employee experience.

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8 machine learning success stories: An inside look

IT leaders share how they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate business insights and new services.

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What is gap analysis? Uncovering the missing links to successful performance

Gap analysis helps companies objectively evaluate their current state and make improvements to advance the organization toward desired outcomes and to better achieve business goals.

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12 dark secrets of cloud security

The cloud is essentially a dark pool of computational power and that mystery can lull us into complacency. Here’s what you don’t know about keeping your data secure in the cloud.


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New CIO platform launched to serve growing Middle East market

Welcome to the brand-new CIO Middle East, from IDG. We are excited to launch this valuable resource for tech leaders across the Middle East region. Stay tuned for plenty of great articles, research, and more!

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What cloud vendors really want from their customers

Knowing what matters most to your current cloud vendors, those you are considering and those you ultimately add to your portfolio of cloud products and solutions in the future, will help you assess what leverage you have when it comes...

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What is Kaizen? A business strategy focused on improvement

Kaizen offers a more holistic approach than most IT frameworks in that it aims to improve everything in your organization from people to processes to products.

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Anatomy of an enterprise-scale AI strategy

Looking to move beyond point solutions and proofs of concept? Here’s what it takes to develop to a holistic AI strategy honed for business results.

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The importance of the business stakeholders meeting

Business alignment and transparency matter but are CIOs achieving it? Are they putting in place business stakeholder meetings that enable real alignment?