Transforming Public Sector Engagement with Cloud



Public sector cloud computing

The public sector has long recognized the need to modernize existing IT systems and operations to better serve communities. But budgetary limitations and procurement requirements have historically created roadblocks, slowing holistic digital transformation and transition to the cloud.

The pandemic crisis created a new inflection point for modernizing public sector IT infrastructure, however. Agencies and entities are now taking a new look at cloud as they accelerate efforts to deliver new digital services, build resilient IT operating models, and streamline manual processes. The goal: to better serve constituents who have been unable to take care of business in person this year due to lockdowns and restrictions associated with the global pandemic.

“The pandemic taught us that those that jumped in and leveraged the value of the cloud model were able to balance shifting client demands with ease,” notes Archana Vemulapalli, former CTO for the Washington, D.C., govern­ment and now CTO and general manager for Infrastructure Service offerings at IBM Global Technology Services. “Those that didn’t [embrace cloud] saw revenue loss, security issues, and all kinds of other problems. My advice to every CIO in the public sector is to lean forward, not lean back.”

The cloud is the engine to drive digital transformation, but security and compliance present a hurdle for this sector, especially as both relate to public cloud. The times call for a third-party partner that can help public sector organizations navigate the transition to the cloud and IT infrastructure modernization.