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Episode 3: Allies and enemies: For influence and opportunity




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As IT leaders grow in prominence, their success hinges on interpersonal relationships as much as anything else. From liaising with the CFO on cost control to working with the CMO on customer experience and HR on workplace policies, these relationships hold the key to CIOs, CTOs and equivalent gaining greater influence and voice – and being able to drive organizational change.

In this third episode of The Living Enterprise, our IT and business leaders debate the value of interpersonal relationships, the need to forge more allies than enemies, and the key relationships that need to be nurtured. You’ll also hear the value of storytelling, of evangelizing about the smart use of data, leading change management and how to defeat internal resistance.

Tune in now to hear from your peers on their personal journeys. In this episode, you’ll hear from:

In the fourth episode of The Living Enterprise, the peer-led podcast series bought to by CIO in partnership with Adobe and Microsoft, our band of global CIOs, CTOs and CDOs discuss preconceptions about customer experience, why the IT leader is now a pivotal player, and how they build better working relationships with CMOs and other line-of-business peers.

And once you’ve listened to that, delve head-first into this whitepaper on the CIO’s perspective on customer experience, or check out Adobe’s Digital Trends report for what lies ahead.

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