What remote working means for cloud visibility and management



As businesses get back to work, new working practices have implications for cloud management and operations

The trends set in motion by Covid-19 continue to transform IT. IDG’s 2021 State of the CIO report found that 82% of CIOs have implemented new technologies, IT strategies or methodologies due to the pandemic, and that over a third are implementing strategies that prioritise remote workers. Recent studies from 451 Research back this up, showing that 64% of businesses are planning significant and permanent increases in remote working, along with a redistribution of IT spending towards security and cloud-based infrastructure.

Yet as businesses re-open and investigate hybrid working models, there will be implications for cloud management and oversight. David Linthicum, chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte, believes that a more flexible approach to office space will result in a situation where ‘network traffic and CloudOps will need to be managed from those offices again, this time with many different users depending on the time of day or day of the week.’ What’s more, Linthicum believes that employees will become more mobile, leaving their homes to work from coffee shops, airports, bars and ‘wherever a Wi-Fi connection can be found.’ This, he suggests, will create or enlarge security risks as employees access business critical cloud systems via public wi-fi networks.

The issues here are twofold. On one hand, IT teams will be attempting to secure, manage and optimise networks that span on-premises architecture, private cloud and public cloud. This brings a level of complexity into the equation, along with a plethora of different security solutions and management tools. On the other hand, they lack visibility into the network environments employees are using to connect to cloud resources; problematic enough when working from home, but significantly more risky over unsecured public networks.

In both cases, the solution lies in operations and tools – or, rather in a coherent cloud management platform that gives you consistent operations and tools across on-premises private cloud and public cloud. With VMware’s cloud management platforms, organisations can have seamless connectivity and complete visibility across the entire infrastructure from private cloud to the edge to public clouds, using automation and analytics to deploy, manage and monitor through a common UI and common workflows. With the right cloud management platform to support them, businesses can continue their cloud and remote working journeys, but maintain control and visibility end-to-end.

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