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9 tips for managing the mental health of your IT teams

Managing mental health has become a necessary burden for IT leaders during the pandemic. The following tips may help reduce burnout and get employees the help they need.

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15 popular Kanban tools for workflow management

Kanban is a workflow management system that simplifies development processes and lifecycles by increasing efficiency, communication and collaboration for agile teams.

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Take part in the 2021 IT Salary Survey

Whether you’re scouting out a new job or looking to fill a key IT role, access to salary data is an important tool. Help us help you by taking our 10-minute IT Salary Survey.


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7 ways you’re failing your digital customers

The pandemic has only accelerated the need to deliver digital capabilities that delight customers. Unfortunately, most IT organizations are coming up short.

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Onderwijs op afstand vraagt om meer regie en passie voor IT

Het gaat niet alleen om het gebruik van videoconferencing in de klas, maar om het creëren van een gezamenlijke ervaring.

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Top 6 process mining tools for streamlining workflows

Companies seeking to the lay the foundation for business process automation can find valuable insights into process flows, thanks to new AI-based tools that track data as it moves through enterprise systems.

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Your guide to top tech conferences 2020's directory of technology conferences makes it easy to find events coming to a convention center near you and those worth traveling to.


Focus van CISO op technologie vormt barrière voor security in boardroom

Zo krijg je als CISO security op de boardroom-agenda

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Wat is Unified Fast File and Object storage, oftewel UFFO?

Samenvoeging van file en object storage zal steeds meer relevantie krijgen


Data analytics en Artificial Intelligence in de cloud is onomkeerbaar

Open tools onmisbaar om voldoende transparantie en automatisering te kunnen bieden.


A silver lining breaks through dark, stormy clouds.

7 IT silver linings of the pandemic

Beyond just keeping business afloat, companies and IT leaders are finding unexpected benefits to COVID’s business disruptions.

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How to negotiate a job offer

Compensation is one thing, but CIOs and soon-to-be CIOs should leverage their job offer position by putting their values on the table and setting themselves up for success before they sign.

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5 famous analytics and AI disasters

Insights from data and machine learning algorithms can be invaluable, but mistakes can cost you reputation, revenue, or even lives. These high-profile analytics and AI blunders illustrate what can go wrong.

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CIOs embrace remote recruitment to land new gigs

New CIOs of Okta and Quick Base discuss their recruitment experience and offer tips for IT leaders open to or actively seeking new roles during the pandemic.


Kwart van bedrijven investeert inmiddels meer dan 10 procent van IT-budget in cybersecurity

Onderzoek Motiv: coronacrisis maakt bedrijven bewuster van securitydreigingen