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data explosion / data streams / volume / velocity

Bracing for the security data explosion

Organizations must prepare for collecting, processing, analyzing, and acting upon terabytes of security data.

Ransomware  >  An encrypted system, held ransom with lock + chain, displays a dollar sign.

Verklein de kans op ransomware: maak van de back-up geen achterdeur

Bedrijven die denken dat er niets anders op zit dan de cybercriminelen te betalen om zo de bestanden terug te krijgen, lopen niet alleen financiële risico’s, maar gooien ook hun goede naam te grabbel. Volgens een rapport van...

LogRhythm Rhythmworld 2020

RhythmWorld 2020: gratis virtueel securitycongres van 22-24 september

Vierde keer is volledig virtueel - en helemaal gratis

broken lock amid binary code and circuits

Critical flaw allows hackers to breach SAP systems with ease

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java vulnerability can be exploited without authentication and lead to complete system takeover. Patch now.

Cybersecurity lock with the abstract circuitry of a security fabric.

What is the Risk Management Framework (RMF)? A standardized security framework

Risk management and security are top concerns for most organizations, especially in government industries. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) integrates security into the early development stages to help speed up time to delivery...

cios get strategic abcs basics steps foundation

3 steps to developing a risk response advisory system

Much like DEFCON is used in the U.S. Armed Forces to react to changing threat levels, your enterprise needs its own PANDCON to deal with changing pandemic conditions. Here's how to get started.

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Aanpassend vermogen ziekenhuizen stevig op de proef gesteld

Security moet niet alleen goed maar ook snel worden ingericht op de nieuwe situatie

2019 maastricht randwyck mumc 11

Hackers waarden ruim 2 maanden rond in netwerk Universiteit Maastricht

Afgelopen vrijdag bracht de Onderwijsinspectie het definitieve rapport over de ransomware-aanval op de Universiteit Maastricht van december vorig jaar naar buiten. Een opmerkelijke bevinding: de hackers waren ruim twee maanden actief...

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Ons brein houdt ons voor de gek, en dus is iedereen te hacken

In cybersecurity zijn mensen de laatste verdedigingslinie. Tegelijkertijd zijn ze ook het grootste beveiligingsrisico. Niet in de laatste plaats omdat we door middel van psychologische theorieën makkelijk te misleiden zijn.

data science certification man at computer

14 IT certifications that will survive and thrive in the pandemic

These tech certifications not only have high value now, but employers will continue to value them as the coronavirus continues.


Install latest SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise patches, experts urge

If left unpatched, these SAP ASE vulnerabilities could give attackers full control of databases and servers.

Cloud security threats  >  Lightning strikes a digital landscape via binary clouds.

Use of cloud collaboration tools surges and so do attacks

Some industries have seen increases in cloud-related threat events rise as much as 1,350% since the COVID-19 crisis began.

Virtual connections between a distributed network of teams.

CIOs offer strategies for engaging an entirely mobile workforce

Working from home has been a success operationally, but it has strained people, processes and technology. CIOs discuss the opportunity to make each better in the days to come.

A man using a mobile phone in shadow against a bright wall

Amid the pandemic, using trust to fight shadow IT

With most workers scattered at home and trying to come up with their own ad-hoc IT workarounds, there’s an easy way for IT shops to build trust: communicate.

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The Internet of Things in 2020: More vital than ever

Just when we needed it most, the internet of things is delivering gobs of data and remote device control across almost every industry, from healthcare to agriculture.

video conferencing / remote work / online meeting

5 lessons companies should learn about working at home

Companies now have the opportunity to learn from what is and isn’t working during the coronavirus crisis. Use this time to build out a strategy so you won’t have to use band aids and duct tape next time.

ip winners and losers chess check mate by rawf8 getty images 1190439498

Technology winners and losers in the days of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is revealing just where our technology is up to the challenge and where it's failing.

Google Gmail / email / laptop / messaging / collaboration

5 keys to supporting telework effectively and securely

Suddenly countless numbers of people are working from home. This massive shift in work processes can have huge repercussions from a security, privacy, regulatory and data governance standpoint.

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Exclusive survey: What 400 IT leaders really think about the COVID-19 crisis

How did IT leaders respond to a world turned upside-down? And how has the coronavirus pandemic changed spending plans over the next year? A fresh CIO survey offers illuminating answers.

IDG Insider Pro  >  Tech Career Ladder [podcast / 3:2 / 2400 x 1600]

Tech Career Ladder podcast: Start your climb to EPIC leader

In Insider Pro’s inaugural Tech Career Ladder podcast, Sandy Silk -- director of Information Security, Education, and Consulting at Harvard University -- joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss what it takes to become an EPIC leader....

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